Vocational Training

STeP (Smile twin e learning Program)

With the generous support from the Smile Foundation, Rasta has been running a programme called "STeP” for equipping and employing youth. Rasta made a conscious decision to reserve this programme for girls, who have passed X/XII and who are above 18 years of age. During 2012-15 nearly 500 girls were trained in 5 skills, namely, Spoken English, Baic Computer Skills, Basic Management, Retail Management and Personality Development. Out of these, 226 girls have been able to secure jobs, on salaries ranging from Rs 7000 to Rs 15000/- in places like Call Centre, Sub ka Bazar etc. More girls would have been employed if every one was willing to take up jobs involving night shifts and anywhere in Delhi.

Nari Garima

Since 2013, Rasta has been conducting Vocational Training Programmes for grown up girls and women in two trades, namely, Tailoring and Beauty Culture. Majority of those who have completed are making use of this additional skill, to supplement their families.

Rasta collaborates with the Times of India to employ educated youth:

Since 2012, Rasta has been collaborating with the Times of India to enhance employability of educated youth, under its ‘English for Employability’ programme, which is also known as ‘Teach India’ programme. Under this programme, well educated, socially conscious, often retired, individuals are identified and trained for training youth who have passed X or XII, in spoken English, leading to their securing jobs with reasonably good salary. During the period 2012-15 Rasta has mobilized about 500 under-privileged youth, who, after passing Secondary/Senior Secondary Education, were roaming about in the area, and facilitated their training for 100 days, by Teach India. 50 – 60% of these youth have been able to secure jobs in Call Centres and in companies like Piz Hut, Net Ambit, Sub ka Bazar etc, on salaries ranging from Rs 6000/- to Rs 12,000/-


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