Success Story of Sartaj

Sartaj is the 3rd daughter of Abdul Hameed, who migrated from Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh 25 years ago, in search of his livelihood and started his new life in a small rented room in Khora Colony, Ghaziabad. Hameed has to feed a family of 14 members including his father, mother and ten children. He started selling fish there to support the family. 

Sartaj and  her two elder sisters, who are married later, who were  never been to school. Rasta staff came in contact with her and motivated her to attend non-formal classes at Rasta Learning Centre. Her parents were not ready to send her to our learning center first ,but continuous efforts of our teachers and several visits to her house motivated the parents   to enroll her in Rasta Learning Centre.  Sartaj started coming to our learning center and after 1 year she has passed  3rd  from OBE of NIOS and subsequently 5th,8th and 10th class within 5 years. Then, very enthusiastic and hardworking Sartaj  was very eager to complete XII th class for which Rasta has supported to pay her fees etc.

Simultaneously she was enrolled with one of the Tailoring Training Centre and completed the course.   After this, Rasta has opened a Boutique for her and she started earning from this. This was a great help to the family to meet the daily needs and support her sibling’s studies.

In the meantime, her mother has also passed away and a big responsibility of family and work came on her shoulder. But she continued her work in her and other boutiques  along with her family responsibilities.  Also, she looked after her old father and ensures that all her five sisters get married. Sartaj’s family is now planning for her marriage and today she gives all credit to Rasta and says if Rasta is not here “ we don’t have any  existence”